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Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus
Cyprus (North), Kalkanlı
Education and Humanities Cyprus (North), Kalkanlı, Mersin 10
Tuition fee $9,450.00 per year

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Application fee $55.00 one-time
Course code PSYC
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In a nutshell, psychology is the study of mind and behavior. The discipline embraces all aspects of human experience, from functions of the brain to group behavior, developmental issues from infancy to old age, from romantic relationships to relationships within the workplace, from drivers’ and pilots’ decision making processes to consumer choices. The knowledge of Psychology is put into practice in a variety of contexts such as neuropsychology laboratories, mental health clinics, human resources departments, flight or driving simulators, nursing home and kindergartens.

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Career opportunities

The graduates of Psychology from METU NCC can work a variety of settings in both government and private sector: hospitals, human resources departments, advertisement firms, counseling centers (e.g., health centers at universities), research institutions, kindergartens, nursing homes, or assume administrative or research positions at state institutions. Naturally, the level at which they will be employed and the nature of responsibilities will vary depending on the post-graduate qualifications obtained afterwards, particularly in areas such as clinical psychology, psychotherapy,(I/O) and other applied fields. A significant number of graduates may also work towards a master’s degree to specialize in these areas or pursue an academic career via doctoral studies.

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Nov 10, 2018
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Jan 9, 2019 23:59
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Oct 3, 2017 23:59
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Oct 3, 2018 23:59
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