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MSMechanical Engineering

Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus
Cyprus (North), Kalkanlı
Postgraduate Programmes - MECH Cyprus (North), Cyprus (North), Kalkanlı
Tuition fee $4,200 per year

Fifth semester fee and above is 682.5 USD

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Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering that is particularly concerned with the design, development, manufacture, operation and maintenance of engines and machines, tools and other mechanical devices. A mechanical engineering program provides with diverse field of studies and the breadth of the mechanical engineering discipline allows students a variety of career options. Graduates are employed in many fields of industry, from heating and air conditioning systems to robots; from generation of artificial organs to automotive applications; from manufacturing processes to nanotechnology.

METU NCC MECH MS program is designed to further educate highly skilled mechanical engineers with both research and technical background. Research skills will help them for a better understanding of the world and act accordingly, and their technical education will stimulate them for a better application of their knowledge and skills in solving real world problems associated with mechanical engineering.

Students will be taking all courses at METU-Ankara during first two semesters. Their principal thesis advisor has to be an academic from METU-NCC Mechanical Engineering Program, however co-advisors may be assigned from METU-Ankara.

Programme structure

Graduate students must take at least 7 courses (at least 21 credits). Each student’s curriculum will be determined by the student and thesis advisor according to the following rules:

To satisfy the mathematics course requirement, a course is selected from the following courses:

-MECH 521, MAT 583 or MAT 587 (or ME 521, ES 501, AEE 501, MATH 583 or MATH 587, which are equivalent of these courses).

-At least 4 courses, excluding MECH 521, must have at least 12 credits in total, MECH 5XX or ME 5XX.

-The program may include up to 2 courses from the three categories listed below (subject to approval of the program coordinator of the program):

*Post-graduate courses offered in other programs, *Undergraduate technical elective courses given by the Mechanical Engineering Program, *Undergraduate technical elective courses offered by other programs.

-Courses must be completed for a maximum of 4 semesters.

-In addition to the course load: *Each graduate student must pass the non-credit MECH 590 Thesis Seminar course. *Each graduate student must pass the non-credit MECH 599 Research Methods and Ethics in Engineering course.

-It is expected that graduate students must successfully write and defend a thesis before the sixth semesters.

Career opportunities

Mechanical engineers work in almost all industries, irrespective of their main field of interest. Mechanical engineers are usually needed wherever there is production. Therefore, mechanical engineers make up a considerable portion of all the engineers working in other industries such as electrical and electronics, chemical, construction, and mining.

Additionally, mechanical engineers certainly work in factories related to their own field of interest such as automotive, manufacturing, household goods, heating-ventilating and air conditioning, textile, steel, construction and agricultural machinery, power plants and many more.

Mechanical engineers who graduate from METU NCC MECH MS program are able to find jobs easily in any of these aforementioned diverse opportunities. Graduates of this program may also pursue an academic career in leading universities in Turkey or abroad as a result of their broad knowledge, sound technical background, and analytical perspective.

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Sep 23, 2019
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Feb 3, 2020

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